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ScreenVue is an online resource for churches and ministries looking to use film scenes in sermons, services or Sunday school.

Films of all types and genres offer a wealth of material for teachers, tapping into popular culture and reflecting prevailing social themes alongside enduring ones such as goodness, hope and redemption. ScreenVue helps you find the scene that will bring your teaching to life!

Joining ScreenVue

Any church with a Church Video Licence (CVL) from CCLI can benefit from many of the film ideas on ScreenVue.* Better yet, STANDARD membership of ScreenVue comes free with the CVL. All you need is the ID code we sent you when you purchased your CVL (you’ll find it on the back of your licence certificate). If you don’t have your code, please contact the UK Customer Services team.

How it works

STANDARD members can access more than 7000 clip ideas with a synopsis of the scene and the start/stop times so you can find it in the film (You must own or purchase the film to use the scene). Simply search by movie or theme. In many cases you can even preview the scene. PLUS members also benefit from 1000 clip downloads, meaning you don’t need to own or purchase the film*. Every clip can be previewed first.

*Because ScreenVue is an international resource, not all of the films it features are covered by the CVL in the UK. Please check the UK CVL authorised producer list to confirm. If the film is not covered by the CVL, you will need to obtain permission directly from the producer to show it.