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I want to use a song for the soundtrack of a film I'm making. Which licence do I need?

You will need to contact the Performing Right Society (PRS for music) and obtain the Limited Manufacture Licence (LML). You will need the MCPS (Mechanical Copyright Protection Society) to cover the copyright in the musical work and the PPL (Phonographic Performance Licence ) to cover the sound recording.

Can we record different children's songs onto a mixed CD to play for the children to sing along to in Sunday school, to make it easier so we don't have to keep swapping CDs, and do we then report those songs as recorded?

If you wish to take tracks from a bought CD and then transfer to another CD you will have to contact PRS for muisc and Phonographic Performance Licence (PPL) for prermission. There would be a charge for this. As permission would be granted from PRS for music and PPL then no reporting would be required by us.

Do I need a licence if I am making a wedding video for a friend?

You would require the Limited Manufacture Licence - LML which is available from PRS for Music.

We would like to make a CD of live performances to sell as a way of fundraising for the church. What licence would we require?

The church would need to puchase a Limited Manufacture Licence from PRS for Music. Their telephone number is 020 7580 5544.

Can we charge for CDs & DVDs of church services?

These recordings may only be made for non-commercial purposes. However, charges may be made to defray expenses incurred. You may charge up to £2.50 for cassettes/CDs and £5.00 for videos/DVDs. The number of copies must not exceed 25% of your licence size category, for example, for Category B you may make a maximum of 24 copies.

Can we record our services if they include live music?

The Church Copyright Licence (CCL) permits you to record services, including the singing of authorised songs, for the benefit of those unable to attend or as a keepsake. If you audio/video record a song please report this using the Record column in CopyReport. The CCL does not permit you to record copyrighted service words, for example the Book of Common Prayer.

What is the copyright situation if our church wants to record and publish a sound file to the web?

CCLI can not licence churches to include copyright music on the internet. We would recommend you contact the PRS for Music directly. If you would like to include a commercial recording on your web-page we would advise you also to contact PPL.

Can we record our church services for those unable to attend or for the housebound?

Under the CCL it is possible to record your service, including live worship times, for those unable to attend or for the housebound. This can be recorded onto a CD, DVD or cassette and the songs recorded reporting in the CCL section of the Copy Report with the cassette icon.

Can we upload our services to our church website via a free podcast?

CCLI cannot permit churches to publish copyrighted material such as live worship on the web and we advise you to contact the PRS for Music. Sermons can be published with the preacher's permission as long as they are not quoting a significant amount of copyright material.

Can I record when commercial sound recordings are being played?

Music played from these mechanical formats whilst a camcorder is recording, or which is dubbed on to video pictures after the event, requires copyright permission to be obtained from both the Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) and Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL), accompanied by the payment of appropriate fees. MCPS pays the songwriter or copyright owner of the song and PPL pays the company that produced the mechanical format (sound recording) from which the music is being played.

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