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SongSelect (Downloading lyrics / chord sheets)

How many users does SongSelect permit?

You can have unlimited users on SongSelect and they can access SongSelect from any internet-connected computer. Each user will need to 'create' their own personal account and log in details and then they will be able to 'link' to the church account.

What is a unique download?

unique download would be one individual song. A church would have 200 downloads per licence period. If a song is printed off in a different key or if multiple copies are printed of the same song, this would still only count as one unique download.

Do I need a Church Copyright Licence (CCL) to purchase SongSelect®?

Yes. An existing CCL licence is required to purchase either version of Songselect.

How do I add additional users to Songselect on my account?

Additional users can be created via, simply choose Create Account. Once you have created your account you will be able to 'link to an organisation' and will require your church access code. This code can be obtained from any adminstrators of your SongSelect account. Alternatively once you have created your account an administrator can invite you to the account by using the tab 'Link user to the Account'.

Does SongSelect® link up with my projection software package?

Some software packages incorporate a feature which links to the SongSelect® website. Contact your supplier for more details.

Can I upgrade from SongSelect® Basic to Advanced Melody part way through the year?

Yes. Please contact the Customer Service Team for more details - 01323 436100 or at

Is there a limit to how many songs I can download?

SongSelect Basic has no download limit. SongSelect Advanced Melody permits you to print chord/lead sheets of up to 200 distinct songs per year. Additional downloads can be purchased in increments of 50 upon request. However upon renewal any downloads left over would be lost.

Do I need to report the songs I download from SongSelect®?

Churches do not need to report they have downloaded lyrics or printed chord/lead sheets from Songselect, this is recorded automatically by SongSelect. A report would be required If these copies are subsequently reproduced e.g. lyrics projected or lyrics/music photocopied. A Music Reproduction Licence (MRL) would be required to photocopy chord/lead sheets printed from SongSelect.

Do I need permission to download songs legally?

It is illegal to download words and music from websites that are not authorised by the song’s copyright owner. As long as you are based in the UK or Eire and you hold a current Church Copyright Licence (CCL) you can purchase SongSelect® and download songs legally.

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