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Playing / Performing Music

What licences are needed to play the radio within the church building?

A PRS for Music Church Licence and Phonographic Performance Limited licence are both required to play the radio in a public setting.

Is it permissible to record songs from legally purchased CDs on to another CD for use in church services for convenience?

CCLI have no licence in place to cover copying CDs. We would recommend contacting PRS for Music on 0207 580 5544 and Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) on 0207 534 1070 for advice. These organisations collect royalties on behalf of record companies, music publishers and musicians.

If we hold a concert at our church under our PRS for Music Church Licence can we charge for tickets?

A PRS for Music Church Licence through CCLI would cover a concert even if you intend to charge for tickets.

Under the terms of the PRS for Music and PPL Church Licences, does the licence holder have to own the CD being played?

The licence holder does not have to own the media but you should of course use a legally obtained copy.

Are the PRS for Music and PPL Church Licences required for watching television or showing films within our church?

Neither licence is required for any use of music within an Act of Worship (where no entry charge is made). A TV licence is required to show television programmes in church activities. For activities outside of Acts of Worship, a PRS for Music Church Licence is required for live music only, however if the music being played is recorded music the PPL Church Licence will also be required. To show film scenes in worship/full films outside of a worship time you'll require a Church Video Licence. The premises should also have a PRS for Music licence if showing films outside of Acts of Worship. A PPL Church Licence is not currently required to show films.

Are we covered under our licences for putting music on the church phone system when people are on hold?

The PRS for Music and PPL Church Licences would cover church hold music.

Can we play music in a cafe within the church building under our PRS for Music and PPL Church Licences?

Normally CCLI would not be able to cover a coffee shop or bookshop within a church building for playing music, however we would advise you call our Customer Services Department on 01323 436 100 for further advice.

Can we play CDs during our children's work?

You will probably require a PRS for Music Church Licence and PPL Church Licence to play CDs in church activities, but not within Acts of Worship (regular worship services). Please contact us for further information.

Does a PRS for Music Church/PPL Licence cover the church when we hire our hall to other groups such as a regular pre-school group?

If your hall is an integral part of the church building then the PRS Church Licence will cover the entire building including the hall unless more than six concerts/recitals per year are held in the church premises. If your hall is a separate building, whether or not it is within the curtilage of the church, then the hall can only be covered by CCLI if activities where music is played are run predominately by and for the church congregation. In all other cases PRS for Music will license the hall directly as a separate building. With regard to recorded music being played socially the PPL would only cover non-commercial third party hirers. Please contact our Customer Services department on 01323 436100 for further information.

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