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Do I need a licence to score music by hand?

Scoring copyright music by hand would require permission from the copyright holders. The Music Reproduction Licence (MRL) covers customised instrumental arrangements of music compositions provided that no published version is available. All aspects of the music, apart from the instrumentation, must remain unchanged. The original copy must have been purchased by the church or a church member.

Can I photocopy pages of a book even if there are pictures/images on it or must I cover them up?

Images are covered by the CLA Church Licence and must be attributed to the artist, photographer etc. where they are identifiable.

Can we include copied/scanned pages in our church magazine?

As long as the church magazine is not distrubuted to anyone other than the congregation etc. (i.e. no general distribution to non-members). All items copied under the CLA Church Licence must be attributed to the original author, artist, etc.

Can I project scanned pages from books under my CLA Church Licence?

As long as the page has not been transferred to a slide then it can be projected. You will need to scan it into a computer and then use a projector to show it.

We used to hold a Music Reproduction Licence, but don't anymore. Do we need to destroy photocopies of music we made at the time we had the licence?

Yes, any copies made your MRL would need to be destroyed.

Do I need a licence to photocopy and enlarge music for someone who is visually impaired?

If there is no published version available then an enlargement can be made under the Copyright (Visually Impaired Persons) Act 2002.

Further details can be viewed at

Is there a limit to how many sheets we can copy under our licences?

The number of copies permitted under the terms of the Church Copyright Licence (CCL), Music Reproduction Licence (MRL) and Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) is restricted to your category size registered with CCLI. For example, a category A (15-49 people) size church can make 49 copies under their licence/s.

Can my church purchase a Music Reproduction Licence (MRL) without a Church Copyright Licence (CCL)?

Churches applying for a Music Reproduction Licence (MRL) would always require a Church Copyright Licence (CCL).

Can churches make their own arrangements of songs?

The Church Copyright Licence (CCL) permits churches to make customised instrumental arrangements of music compositions provided that no published version is available. All aspects of the music, apart from the instrumentation, must remain unchanged. The church or a member of the church must have purchased an original copy of the music. The church cannot by any act or omission, impair or prejudice the copyright in any of the songs or in the typographical arrangement of any of the publications.

What is the MRL catalogue and where can I find it please?

When using the Music Reproduction Licence (MRL) churches need to check two lists. Firstly, make sure the songbook itself is included within our MRL Authorised Publication List. Secondly, check to see if the copyright holder of the song can be found within our MRL Authorised Catalogue List. These lists can be found on our website.

Does the Music Reproduction Licence (MRL) permit licence holders to scan songbooks?

The Music Reproduction Licence (MRL) permits licence holders to scan authorised songs from authorised songbooks. Each time the scanned file is subsequently printed or shared electronically (e.g. by attaching it in an email) this counts as a separate reproduction and should be included in your CCLI reporting.

What acknowledgements should I give on music photocopies?

The acknowledgment on each photocopy should have the Music Reproduction Licence Number, in the following format: Photocopied By Permission. MRL No. [ ]

Can our church use a file-sharing website such as DropBox to store sheet music files for our musicians to download?

Under the Music Reproduction Licence (MRL) you may store authorised music files in a file-sharing app or website, provided that it is password protected and access to them is granted only to members of your church team. For reporting purposes, you should report the number of intended recipients. So for example, if you place a sheet music PDF into a dropbox file for five musicians, you would report 5 under the MRL.

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