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Using the Internet

Can we upload our services to our church website via a free podcast or stream them live?

CCLI cannot permit churches to publish copyrighted material such as live worship on the web and we advise you to contact the PRS for Music.

Is there any problem with using the internet to distribute music copies, e.g. a secure, password protected web site, that only our church musicians have access to?

Unfortunately CCLI are unable to licence music distribution on web pages, but we offer an on-line resource called SongSelect. Further details are available at

Are we allowed to put music recordings on our website?

A licence from PRS for Music would be required to include music on web pages. Please click here for further details or call 0207 306 4991 to speak to PRS for Music's Online & Mobile Department.

Do we require a licence to show a downloaded video in church? Can we use YouTube in church?

We recommend that you obtain direct permission from the owner of the video. YouTube's terms state their site is for private use only.

Do any of our CCLI licences cover us for publishing words and music on our church web-site?

CCLI do not cover publishing copyright song words or music on church web-sites. We recommend that you seek permission directly from the publisher.

Are there any licences that would enable a church to put videos on YouTube or on the church website if they have copyrighted music on the soundtrack?

Yes. There are a number of different permissions/licences that are required.

If you want to include audio on your personal or church website (including the music sound-track of a video clip) you need to obtain a licence from PRS (in addition to MCPS & PPL should they be required. Visit the PRS for Music website for details.

YouTube operates under a strict guideline that any videos must be copyright cleared by the person placing them on the site. This relates to both the audio and video included in the clip you intend to upload.

To upload your own home-made video clip you need to ensure that the music included is either Public Domain or owned by yourself.
Otherwise you will need to contact MCPS* for a licence to record someone else’s song/music. If your home-made video clip includes music from a pre-recorded source (e.g. a track from a commercially available CD) you will need to contact both MCPS and PPL.

To upload clips from a commercially available video/DVD, or recorded from television, you would first have to obtain permission from the film/program producers.

* If you live in the UK and your church has a Church Copyright Licence (CCL), an MCPS right is included which permits churches to record services (including the music) for limited distribution to members of their congregation.However, the number of copies you can make under a CCL is restricted to 25% of the church Size Category.

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Can I use photographs that I have found on the internet?

Whilst the internet has opened up an avenue for you to access resources such as photographs you must always take care when using someone else's work, even if it's for your own personal or charitable use. This is because in the UK copyright is an automatic right that is given to the owner of a piece of work the moment it is written down or recorded in some tangible format. So if another person has created the work and you want to use it, even though the photograph does not show a copyright symbol, you must first contact them for permission. The Designs, Artists and Copyright Society (DACS) represent around 16,000 photographers for the clearance of copyright permissions. Alternatively sites such as, and are a source of very high quality photographs usually provided for non commercial use.

Are we allowed to reproduce songs and music downloaded from websites?

Unfortunately there are many web-pages illegally offering lyric and music downloads so we would recommend caution before using sites. If you are downloading from an authorised company these can be reported in the usual manner. Some web-pages are already listed under the MRL songbooks list e.g. TYM (Thankyou Music) Sheet Music, We do not require details of the source for word reproductions but for music please use the Book Not Found facility on the MRL section. Enter the web-address in the Songbook field and a number "1" in the Publisher and ISBN fields as these are not applicable to web-pages. The site will now appear as an entry in the MRL Songbooks list and music downloaded from this web-page can be reported using the Add Song feature. Once again enter a number "1" in the Song Number field as this is not relevant to music downloaded from web-pages. You may be interested in CCLI's online service SongSelect which enables churches to download lyrics.

We stream our meetings using a live internet connection. What licence is required to cover the worship song content?

CCLI cannot permit churches to stream or publish copyrighted material such as live worship on the internet and we advise you to contact the PRS for Music.

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