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Does a church licence cover a church hall too for church social functions?

If your hall is an integral part of the church building then the PRS Church Licence will cover the entire building including the hall unless more than six concerts/recitals per year are held in the church premises. If your hall is a separate building, whether or not it is within the curtilage of the church, then the hall can only be covered by CCLI if activities where music is played are run predominately by and for the church congregation. In all other cases PRS for Music will license the hall directly as a separate building. With regard to recorded music being played socially the PPL would only cover non-commercial third party hirers. Please contact our Customer Services department on 01323 436100 for further information.

Would a licence be required to sing from hymnbooks or songbooks during worship services?

A licence would not be required unless the hymns were being projected as well as the bought books were still being used.

What is Public Domain?

Song Lyrics go into the Public Domain when the Author has been dead for 70 years or more. A Music Publication goes out of copyright after 25 years but the songs within the book may still be in copyright. Songs that have gone into the Public Domain may be reproduced/photocopied. If in doubt please contact CCLI on 01323 436100.

I would like to write an additional verse for an existing song and perform the entire song with the new verse at our church. Is this legal?

If the song is still in copyright then you would need to contact the Copyright Owner for permission. If the song is in the Public Domain then you may add extra verses.

Would our CCLI licences cover a small bible study group held outside of the main church venue i.e. in a home?

As long as the groups attend the church then the church CCL should cover the group. We advise the only licence that is premises based is the PRS for Music.

Can we project text from Bibles e.g. New International Version and New Revised Standard Version?

We suggest that you refer to the title page which would advise of this. If in doubt we suggest you contact the Publisher of the Bible.

I translate English songs into another language, do I need to do anything about copyright?

You would need to obtain direct permission from the copyright owner to translate their work.

How do I find the copyright year?

The copyright year would usually be printed at the bottom or top of the song in a songbook.

Can one licence be used for a group of churches?

Our licences cannot cover entire circuits, benefices or groups but churches can be paired with a church of under 25 people to include children of school age and upwards.

If a copyright line says 'all rights reserved' can I reproduce it?

Licence holders can reproduce authorised songs even if the copyright line reads 'all rights reserved'.

Can a smaller church pair up with a larger church and share a licence?

A licence can potentially cover two churches where the smaller church averages under 25 people to include children of school age and upwards at it's main worship service. Please contact us for further details.

How does copyright affect small house groups not linked to a church?

A house group may require licences if they are reproducing song words, photocopying music, photocopying literature or using videos/dvds. House groups would generally not require a Performing Right Society (PRS) Church Licence.

How do churches calculate their size category or average aggregate attendance?

Some churches have to hold more than one main service to accommodate everyone who wishes to attend. So, for example, if there are two regular main services (based on church accommodation limitations not on types of service), the first having an average of 400 people and the second having an average of 500 people, then the size category would be based upon the aggregate of the two averages, being 900. However, if a church holds more than one service, but those services are distinctly different and do not exist simply because the congregation can't all meet at the same time, then the church should determine which is its main service (the one with the biggest regular attendance) and the size category will be based on the average attendance at that service.

What is dubbing?

Dubbing is the copying of a sound recording from one format to another. For example, copying music from a commercial recording on to your wedding video requires the permission of two licensing agencies – one which pays the owner or copyright administrator of the musical work being dubbed (MCPS) and the other which pays the company that produced the recording from which the work is being copied (PPL).

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