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Copyright is an intellectual property right given to the creators of original musical, literary and dramatic works.

The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 is the legislation that currently operates in the UK and provides the creator with two main rights:

It’s CCLI’s vision to make creative works available in a simple, legal and affordable way.

Protecting your work

A newly written piece of work is protected from the moment it’s written down or recorded in some physical or tangible format. The creator often sends a copy of the work back to themselves by recorded delivery so as to retain a sealed, dated copy of the work should anyone challenge the date of creation.

Where does CCLI fit in?

If you only use hymnbooks during your times of worship, then a fee for copyright permission has already been paid because it was included in the purchase price of each book.

However, as technology continues to influence our worship activities, many churches, schools and organisations now make their own song or service sheets, or project the words using an OHP or computer projection system. To do this permission must still be obtained from the copyright owner who will be entitled to a fee, in accordance with their rights under law.

Contacting copyright owners each and every time you wish to reproduce their work simply isn’t practical. It was for this reason that CCLI was established, ensuring that copyright owners are properly rewarded for the use of their work and giving churches, schools and organisations the freedom to use material without the hassle of frequently contacting many different copyright owners.

As our customers have embraced advances in technology, CCLI have developed copyright solutions to cover them. With our licences you can now show films, play/perform music, photocopy, reproduce song words and legally download song lyrics.

Further Information

Do you have any questions about the copyright laws and how they might apply to you and your church? Please contact us