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CCLI appreciates that copyright can be confusing, and many churches, businesses and organisations simply want a quick and affordable solution so they can get on with the important things, confident they’re legally covered.

We’re here to help ensure you’re correctly licensed, and to offer ongoing guidance and support so you’ll stay that way. But more than that, if you browse our website or join our social media community, you’ll discover a range of applications, resources and ideas that will help you to make the most of your licences and the full potential of music and multimedia in your activities.


So why should we care about copyright?

Copyright is the intellectual property right of creators of original musical, literary and dramatic works.  When their work is used by others, artists are entitled to be paid. Many artists rely on royalties to sustain them, and these royalties enable them to devote more time to being creative, which ultimately benefits us all.

The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 provides copyright owners with economic and moral rights in their work. This means they can charge anyone who wishes to copy, perform or record their work for any commercial or non-commercial use and protect it from any offensive or unapproved changes. Contacting individual copyright owners each and every time you wish to reproduce their work simply isn’t practical. That’s why CCLI was established.

If you’re using music or video in your activities, or making copies from publications, contact us or use our online HealthCheck and let us advise you about what you may need, but also what you don’t.

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