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Group of ecstatic sport fans cheering.

The UK looks set to be gripped by football fever this June as England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland compete in the UEFA EURO 2016 finals in France.

With all matches being screened on terrestrial TV, many churches will take the opportunity to open their doors to fans and host live screenings of the big games. If your church wishes to do so, here’s the copyright information and links you’ll need…


Small Scale Events

Although considered a public screening, if your event is non-commercial in nature (there is no sponsor or entrance fee) and will be attended by less than 300 people, you do not need a Public Screening Licence from UEFA.

You do still need to ensure that you comply with UEFA’s public screening terms and conditions and have the appropriate permissions in place. Specifically your venue must be covered by:


Large Scale and Commercial Events

If more than 300 people will attend your event, and/or sponsorship or an entrance fee will be charged, a Public Screening Licence would be required. The deadline for applications for a Public Screening Licence from UEFA officially passed on 6th May although UEFA may still grant licences at their discretion.

Further details about Public Screening Requests can be found on UEFA’s website.

In addition to your Public Screening Licence, your venue must also be covered by:


Further Information

To ensure you comply with their requirements, we recommend that you read UEFA’s public screening terms and conditions before arranging your event.