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schoolsFrom 1st April 2015 the Department for Education will purchase centrally the Collective Worship Copyright Licence (CWCL) and Collective Worship Music Reproduction Licence (CWMRL) on behalf of all state-funded schools in England.

This means that these schools are automatically be covered to reproduce and photocopy songs for use in their times of Collective Worship. State-funded schools in England who had formerly purchased licences directly from CCLI will no longer need to do this. For those schools with existing expiry dates beyond the 1st April, the DfE will take on the cost of your Collective Worship copyright licences from your renewal date.

All other UK schools who reproduce or photocopy hymn, worship and assembly songs in their times of Collective Worship should still purchase licences directly from CCLI. The Schools Printed Music Licence (SPML), administered by the CLA does not cover the use of songs during Collective Worship.

State-funded schools in England can now download their licence certificate and documents here.